#LeadingDigital – All You Need to Know Before the Launch

So next Tuesday is a pretty big day for my coauthors, Andy McAfee & George Westerman and I as 14th October is the day our book Leading Digital is officially published with Harvard Business Review Press.

There will be lots of events, media and conversations on social #LeadingDigital when it does come out but before it does I wanted to give you some insights into why we wrote the book, who the book is for and why its important for all businesses regardless of industry to get ready to transform digitally before its too late.

How to Succeed in Digital Transformation

What Companies We Spoke To During Our Research

Why We Wrote Leading Digital

Who We Wrote Leading Digital For

To get your free chapter of Leading Digital ahead of the book publication date visit http://www.leadingdigitalbook.com/free-chapter/ 

I'm an Executive Vice-President at Capgemini Consulting and global practice leader. Also writer and speaker focused on digital strategy and transformation and how it is changing businesses, individuals and societies. I am a co-author of the best-selling book - "Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Business Transformation", published by HBR. #LeadingDigital - TW: @didiebon

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