My Oracle OpenWorld 2014 #OOW14 Keynote

Thanks to everyone who came along to my Oracle OpenWorld keynote session yesterday. In case you missed it or couldn’t make it physically to San Francisco you can watch it below.

We had some advanced copies of Leading Digital available for sale at the event but they sold all sold out quickly so as a consolation you can register for your free chapter download here and we’ll contact you as soon as the book is available to buy on 14th October.

For the latest updates on Leading Digital visit or get involved in the conversation #LeadingDigital.


I'm an Executive Vice-President at Capgemini Consulting and global practice leader. Also writer and speaker focused on digital strategy and transformation and how it is changing businesses, individuals and societies. I am a co-author of the best-selling book - "Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Business Transformation", published by HBR. #LeadingDigital - TW: @didiebon

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One comment on “My Oracle OpenWorld 2014 #OOW14 Keynote
  1. Dr. Bonnet, I enjoyed your talk on digital transformation at Oracle OpenWorld 2014. I believe true digital mastery happens when a Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) gets involved in drafting the KPIs measuring transformation. Here’s my discussion:

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